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by Megan Cope

Monumental Steps and Podium Level
Sydney Opera House,
Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000


Temporary Exhibit

Project Timeline

2022 - 2023

A Monumental Public Artwork

With oyster shells, Cope has reimagined the architectural framework of the Opera House itself. Two hundred timber Kinyingarra Guwinyanba poles - the phrase means “a place of oysters” in the Jandai language of the Quandamooka people - have transformed the Northern Broadwalk into a landscape of cultural history and community. These poles, covered with oysters, stand as symbols of ecological rebirth and ancestral homage, echoing the call of collective memory and Indigenous resilience. They connect to a 14m wall of shells that frame the western side of the building and emerge through the upper podium.


A singular artistic statement, Whispers beats with the spirit of community. Over the past year, more than 3000 volunteers have taken part in over 100 workshops in three key sites - the Opera House Forecourt, Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville and the artist’s studio in Brisbane - where they  worked together to clean, polish, drill and thread thousands of shells by hand. Together, these volunteers  created a rich tapestry of shared narratives and kinships, elevating the humble oyster shell into a symbol of a community, heritage and Country.

About from Sydney Opera House

A Simple Story

by Sam Cranstoun


City Botanic Gardens,
147 Alice St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


Museum of Brisbane


Temporary Exhibit

Project Timeline


Stainless Sculpture

A Simple Story places an historic Brisbane landmark in direct conversation with the current climate issues facing the world. The scaled-down replica of the Story Bridge is symbolically reclaimed by the Brisbane landscape. Each night of the outdoor art festival, the bridge recreates the lighting of the actual Story Bridge, playfully changing colour and pattern while it slowly submerges in the garden's lagoon.

Presented at Botanica 2022 in Brisbane's Botanic Gardens, this site-specific sculpture explores our precarious relationship with an increasingly threatened climate, the way we shape the cities we inhabit, and the way those cities shape us.

Words from Sam Cranstoun

Architectural Models

by Parts Department

To be determined

The building has to be at least... three times bigger than this!

Architectural models for miscellaneous clients and personal projects.


Photos Parts Department

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